Spring in the Lake District

Spring has been blossoming and blooming in the Lake District, our garden is flourishing and flowering beautifully in this idyllic Spring weather. It is a real delight to the senses. The different shades of green of the trees, the plants and the flowers seem so much more vibrant this year. The silence of the whole area is broken only by birdsong and lambs bleating. There have been a few surprise visitors to the grounds this year, which is fun. Beatrix Potter would have been delighted to hear Peter Rabbit was paying regular visits to the Burn How gardens. He takes in the delightful fragrances of the Rose Garden, but did not find any lettuce or carrots, on the lush lawns. A cuckoo’s call sounded loud and clear through the air. Butterflies are fluttering and bees buzzing enjoying the plant life.
In this beautiful, timeless area, I continue to rejoice in the wonders of nature. Wordsworth had a brilliant empathy with nature and loved the Lakes in everyway not only for his “dancing daffodils”
I am so looking forward to welcoming back our friends, regular and new, when we open the next chapter of the Burn How. The Lakes will always remain the perfect United Kingdom destination. A national treasure for all to enjoy, whether you are a holiday maker, artist, walker, poet or writer. love Emma (isolating at Burn How)

Keep safe and well in these uncertain times. We look forward to seeing you later in the year The Burn How Team

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