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‘Phenomenal’ fundraising for our Lakeland landscape

OUR hotel has raised nearly £70,000 to help protect the landscape of the Lake District. Staff here at the Burn How had a “thank-you” visit from Steve Tonkin, the fund-raising manager for the Lake District Foundation.

The hotel has been raising money for the Fix the Fells programme since the gift scheme began nearly 20 years ago. We ask guests, on checking out, if they would like to add an optional £2 contribution towards vital projects to help protect the Lakeland environment for years to come.

Steve Tonkin with Michael Robinson, and staff member Jack Robinson

The project began as the Tourism and Conservation Partnership and has undergone a few name changes until the launch of the Lake District Foundation five years ago.

The Burn How proprietor Michael Robinson was a member of the board of the original project for many years. He said: “The vast majority of our visitors are very willing to donate and they  have contributed generously over the  years. The work done by Fix the Fells is maintenance of the eroding footpaths, for example,  and repair of stepping stones and  bridges which make the wonderful Lake District  so enjoyable to walk in.”

The amount the hotel has raised so far is £69,198.65.

Steve Tonkin told Mr Robinson and hotel general manager Linda Aird that this was an “absolutely phenomenal” sum. “This has gone a long way over the years to support the work done by our 130 volunteers and 16 rangers. Yours has been lifelong support for our project.”

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