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Novelist to visit Burn How Hotel

A novelist with an astonishing story to tell will be the guest at the Bowness Book Club later this month.

Noreen Nasim is coming to speak at the next popular Meet the Author session at the Burn How Garden House hotel in Bowness.

A writer and lecturer, Noreen’s life was shaped by her father’s expulsion from Uganda when then president Idi Amin forced tens of thousands of Asians to leave the country.

Driven by a desire to document her father’s narrative, Noreen immersed herself in the world of literature before finally releasing her debut novel, Expelled from Uganda, which became a best seller. Her success led to her first Tedx Talk in October 2021, centred around the theme ‘Positive Disruptor.’ In this she explored the impact of positive disruption within the Ugandan Asian community and its influence on her own life choices. 

Amir – Noreen’s father – is an African Indian who lived a carefree life up until his teens, when he was suddenly faced with the expulsion order from dictator Idi Amin.  Along with 80,000 Ugandan Asians, Amir was publicly ordered to be removed from Ugandan soil within 90 days. Noreen says: “It was a race against time to get out. There was corruption in the bureaucracy of the country and they had to pay lots of bribes just to get through.”

Noreen played a pivotal role in the 50th Anniversary legacy project of the Ugandan Asian expulsion in the UK. Currently she is dedicated to fostering the art of storytelling and self- expression among the next generation. “We have to ensure that important narratives continue to be shared and celebrated,” she says.

She is also a poet whose work was published in anthology , Zoom Out, along with the works of other writers in Sheffield where she now lives.

Noreen was invited by hotel owner Michael Robinson who had heard her speak and was moved by her story. “We have brought some fascinating writers to Bowness,” he said. “This book club with a difference is allowing readers to meet the authors, talk to them, and question them about their life and work. It’s been a wonderful venture for everyone concerned.”

The hotel has hosted crime writers, adventurers, poets, novelists and authors of romantic fiction. Last month’s event had to be held on zoom at the last minute when award winning crime writer Jonathan Whitelaw was due to launch his new novel in Bowness; he was stranded in Canada when wild fires stopped him reaching the airport.

Noreen’s talk will be on Thursday June 27 at 2pm. It’s free to attend and all are welcome.

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