Local Walks 5- Cathedral Cave

This is an excellent walk which leads up to a large old mining quarry- you’ll be able to see why it’s called ‘Cathedral’ Cave! You should leave between 2-3 hours for this walk, and please bear in mind that some parts are quite steep and the path can be rocky and/or muddy and wet.

Park in Elterwater’s national trust car park and upon exiting the car park, turn left and cross the bridge over the river. Keep following this road along, passing by Elterwater Hostel until you get to the Eltermere Inn, at which there’ll be a right turn marked ‘Coniston (Challenging route)’. Take this turn and follow the path up. The route here begins to get quite steep, and the path will shortly become rocky, so bare that in mind, however it does flatten out at the top. After a while there will be a footpath, a sign at the start saying ‘not suitable for cars’- follow this path up through the woods.

You’ll come out through a gate at the top, where the path flattens out and shortly after there will be an option to turn left through another gate and follow the path through the field. Do this and then you’ll pass through another gate and walk alongside the fields for a while until you come out at a farm. Exit the farm onto the main road and turn right, where you’ll pass The Three Shires Inn.

After the Three Shires, turn left down a road marked to ‘Tilberthwaite’ and follow this path for a few minutes until you’ll see on your right a sign for ‘Slater’s Bridge’. This is a cut through in the wall immediately after a house, so keep an eye out as you could miss it! Follow this path along and you’ll cross over the aforementioned ‘Slater’s Bridge’- a gorgeous little stone bridge over the river, with spectacular views. Upon exiting the field turn left and shortly you’ll see a stile leading onto another path, follow this path up and you’ve arrived at the cave! Read the information sign outside and head on in.

To get back, come back down the path and over the stile, but turn right instead of going back through the field, follow the path round, until you come to another bridge, crossing that bridge, follow the path along and you’ll return back to the Three Shires- a lovely place to stop for a drink if you don’t want to stop in Elterwater. From here, just retrace your footsteps back to Elterwater for a well deserved drink in The Britannia!

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