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Bartender Jack brings a taste of Chicago to Bowness

Burn How 41

A young barman from Chicago is working this summer at the Burn How Garden House Hotel in Bowness.

Jack Robinson, 21, whose family are based in Memphis, Tennessee is studying to be a professional photographer. But he’s also a talented pizza chef and cocktail mixer as Burn How guests have discovered.

Jack is the great-nephew of the hotel’s proprietor, Michael Robinson. And though he’s had short holidays in the UK in the past, this is his first extended stay. And it began with an extended-family trip to Scotland, first to Edinburgh and then to the Outer Hebridean island of Harris “because that’s my younger brother’s name!”

As well as working behind the bar and in the hotel, Jack has been hiking, playing golf, visiting the Theatre by the Lake, and swimming in mountain tarns.

And his speciality pizzas were loved by visitors to the monthly Burn How book club.

Jack said: “I think Bowness is really quaint, but it’s much less quiet than I thought it was going to be. It has a really lively energy about it. This is a great place to stay.”

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